It was a great Easter, with lots of people in church and Sunday school, Easter egg hunts, and potlucks. The weather was good, reminding us that Spring is here. A joyful day! A time to get rid of the winter doldrums for revival of body and soul. 

Several folks from Lyons were thrilled to hear Mintze Wu and her fellow musicians: Jubal Fulks, Matthew Dane, and Sara Biber at the Good Friday Service entitled “Haydn’s Last Seven Words of Christ,” held at the St. John’s Episcopal Church in Boulder, where ministers from the First United Methodist Church, St. John’s Episcopal Church, Pine Street




Another week gone by, and Tuesday was the first day of Spring and we had that wonderful rain! Things are looking up in Lyons, Colorado. We are going to make it! Thanks to all for the four and a half years of help in flood recovery.

Last Wednesday was the National Walkout of students speaking out about gun control, no guns in schools, the need for new laws, the need to do away with assault rifles, etc. The walkout at Lyons High was very somber and impressive, honoring the seventeen students and faculty who were killed n Parkland, FL with seventeen minutes of silence. We are with you students.

Then Monday night the Boulder County is sitting before the Lyons Town Board promoting a shooting range just over the hill from where the affordable housing




Another week gone by; a dry one, and we need rain (not too much) or snow.  I have faith we will get some spring snows, so here’s hoping.

The Town Board candidates forum last Wednesday was very well attended, with Craig Ferguson, President of the Chamber of Commerce, greeting folks and Joseph Lekarczyk, the moderator. Each candidate talked briefly about themselves and their desires for the board, answered many questions, and seemed well suited for the challenge. A big question was the



Another week gone by. The Lyons High School girls lost their last two basketball games and will not be going to the state tournament. Clear Creek will be going for our division. The 1A and 2A games start Thursday at the Budweiser center in Loveland. We want to express our thanks and appreciation to our Lyons team.

They did well, and gave us spectators a lot of excitement. Eight teams of boys and girls, out of some forty teams in Class 2A, get to go to state. For the boys it's:



Here we are the coldest day of the year, and a little snow. In Colorado they say it will warm up in a day or two, and we need the snow! But, B-R-R-R-R!

This week a reception for the grantees of the Lyons Community Foundation was held at Mojo Taqueria where each recipient was told what their grant money will entail. Very informative. On behalf of the Lyons Historical Society/Redstone Museum, Thank you LCF, you are a lot of help to all the non-profits to complete their goals.  

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