After a one-year hiatus, the RE-1J District meet was reinstated by the folks at Mead High School, and the meet for the nine district high schools saw some strong performances as the schools all head into spring break this last week of March. The meet was a mixture of varsity and junior varsity athletes with an expanded number of entries, and the performances also counted in the state rankings as athletes continue to pursue top-18 state

performances in their respective divisions. Competing as one of two 2A school (along with Twin Peaks) against the other seven 4A schools from the district (Erie, Frederick, Longmont, Mead, Niwot, Silver Creek and Skyline), the Lions gave an excellent accounting of themselves with both the boys’ and girls’ teams finishing 5th in the overall standings.

Competing in windy, cool conditions all afternoon made for some challenging moments, but the young Lions responded with a number of season bests. Top-8 performances for the girls included junior Ixchel Leeuwenburgh making a six-foot improvement in the girls discus with her 1st place throw of 109’ 2”, and that currently has her ranked 4th in the state. She also managed a 4th place shot put with a toss of 31’ 4”. Senior Brenna Kuskie continues to shine in her signature event of the pole vault, and was district champion with a clearance of 10’ 6”, also the current state leader. Younger sister Logan finished 2nd with a height of 9’ 6”, and the Fankhouser sisters, Hana (Jr.) and Katie (Fr.), both cleared 8’ 0”, finishing 4th and 5th respectively. Logan is currently ranked 2nd in the state, and Hana and Katie are tied for 3rd. Senior CeAnn Udovich and junior Georgia Barone continue Lyons’ tradition in the distance events and finished 3rd (5:43) and 4th (5:52) in the 1600 meter run. They sit in the 4th and 6th spots in the state rankings. The 400 meter relay team of Liz Jonjak-Plahn, Taylor Maguire, Hana Fankhouser, and Ixchel Leeuwenburgh finished 3rd (55.56), and the 1600 relay team of Alora Cross, Katie Fankhouser, Taylor Maguire and Brenna Kuskie claimed 6th place (4:45). Freshmen duo Katie Fankhouser and Bella Parker finished 4th and 7th respectively in the high jump with 4’8” and 4’2”, sophomore Bianca Mesagno was 4th in the triple jump (30’ 7.5”), senior Liz Jonjak-Plahn (83’10” – 4th) and sophomore Kylen Christiansen (79’ – 7th) joined Ixchel with points in the discus, and Liz was 7th in the shot put (29’8”).   

On the boys’ side, first place finishes started with Nate Christy in the 110 hurdles (17.17), and he’s currently in 3rd place in the state rankings. Fellow junior Nathan Radich took 5th (18.51) and he’s tied for 7th in the state rankings. Freshman Isaac Roberts led the last three laps of the 1600 for a win in 4:45.01, and sophomore teammate Colton Jonjak-Plahn took the 800 meter run with a strong move over the last 250 meters of the race for a 2:05.3 win. Isaac and Colton are 3rd and 5th in the state rankings in the 1600, and switch positions in the 800 rankings with Colton in 2nd and Isaac in 4th. In the 1600, Field Soosloff (Jr.) was 6th (5:00.9) and Landon Milbrath (Jr.) was 7th (5:06.7). Ethan Burton had a breakout race with his 6th place finish in the 400 meter dash (56.69), Nathan Radich returned in the 300 hurdles to claim 5th in (44.85), and 4th place state ranking, and Nate Christy took an 8th in the 100 meter dash (12.37). The 400 relay of Cobey Faubus, Nate Christy, Jake Laurienti and Tristian Chavez was 4th (48.10). The 800 relay of Dante Traghella, Ethan Burton, Luka Leonards, and Adam Crowl was 5th (1:42.23), and the 1600 relay team of Jake Laurienti, Isaac Roberts, Jaiden Batts, and Colton Hanratty took 6th in 3:53. In the boys’ field events, Kyle Frohling had a great day in the discus with his 136’3” toss, good for 4th in the meet, and currently 2nd in the 2A state rankings. Colton Jonjak-Plahn was 4th in the high jump (5’ 8”), freshman Jackson Reeves was 4th in the pole vault (10’ 0”), and junior Chase Jonjak was 8th (9’ 0”). Colton is tied for 4th in the state high jump rankings, Jackson is tied for 1st in the pole vault rankings, and Chase is in 4th.

There were a number of season bests on both the track, and in the field for many of the young Lions. They now head into spring break with some nice momentum coming out of their March schedule. The team will compete next at Lyons High School on Saturday, April 1, in the Lyons Invitational with twenty-three other teams from around the state joining them on the beautiful Jon “Jet” Johnson track and field. Come on down and cheer your Lions on!

Girls Results
100 METER DASH: 14.51 SB Raven Moe,12th; 15.37 SB Laura Hickey, 24th; 15.40 Isabelle Parker, 25th; 15.42 SB Kylen Christiansen, 26th; 16.06 SB Monica Luttrell, 32nd; 16.13 SB Bianca Mesagno, 34th
200 METER DASH: 32.23 SB Olivia Cope, 25th; 32.72 Bianca Mesagno, 27th; 33.20 SB Sophie Powell, 28th
400 METER DASH: 1:12.07 SB Madeline Watts, 13th; 1:14.98 Laura Hickey, 17th
800 METER RUN: 3:02.47 SB Hope Kincaid, 13th; 3:27.90 SB Jewel Thomas, 18th; 3:59.55, SB    Catherine Darrow    23rd
1,600 METER RUN: 5:43.32 SB CeAnn Udovich, 3rd; 5:52.82 Georgia Barone, 4th; 6:26.86 Katie Fankhouser, 14th; 6:29.06 Alora Cross, 15th; 6:29.20    Sarah Roberts, 16th; 8:22.70 SB Catherine Darrow, 26th
3,200 METER RUN: 16:47.07 SB Grayson Thomas, 10th
100 METER HURDLES: 19.94 SB Taylor Maguire, 9th; 20.02 Olivia Cope 10th   
4X100 METER RELAY: 55.56 Relay Team, 3rd - Liz Jonjak-Plahn, Taylor Maguire, Hana Fankhouser, Ixchel Leeuwenburgh
4X400 METER RELAY: 4:45.48 Relay Team, 6th - Alora Cross (72), Katie Fankhouser(70), Taylor Maguire(71), Brenna Kuskie(71)
(Georgia Barone(74), CEann Udovich(66), Laura Hickey(74), Maddie watz(74) – 4:49.08)
HIGH JUMP: 4-8    SB Katie Fankhouser, 4th; 4-2 Isabelle Parker, 7th
LONG JUMP: 13-0.5 SB Alora Cross,12th
TRIPLE JUMP: 29-0.5 Taylor Maguire,9th
POLE VAULT: 10-6    Brenna Kuskie,1st; 9-6 Logan Kuskie, 2nd; 8-0 SB Hana Fankhouser, 4th; 8-0 SB Katie Fankhouser, 5th
DISCUS: 109-2 SB Ixchel Leeuwenburgh, 1st; 83-10    SB Liz Jonjak-Plahn, 4th; 79-0 Kylen Christiansen, 7th; 72-0.5 SB Raven Moe, 11th
SHOT PUT: 31-4    SB Ixchel Leeuwenburgh, 4th; 29-8    SB Liz Jonjak-Plahn, 7th; 25-4.5 SB Raven Moe, 11th       

100 METER DASH: 12.37 SB Nate Christy, 8th; 12.59 Jackson Reeves, 11th; 12.82 SB Dante Traghella, 17th; 13.22 Luka Leonards, 24th; 13.29 SB Trenton Burton, 28th; 17.00 SB Gavin Worland, 41st
200 METER DASH: 24.90 SB Ethan Burton, 13th; 26.09 SB Cobey Faubus, 25th
400 METER DASH: 56.69 SB Ethan Burton, 6th; 57.77 SB    Adam Crowl,12th; 58.79 Jaiden Batts, 17th; 1:13.73 SB Greg Kissam, 31st
800 METER RUN: 2:05.30 SB Colton Jonjak-Plahn,1st; 2:24.23    SB Jaiden Batts, 11th; 2:48.23 SB Nathan Schneider, 25th
1,600 METER RUN: 4:45.01 SB Isaac Roberts, 1st; 5:00.92 SB Field Soosloff, 6th; 5:06.69 SB Landon Milbrath, 7th; 5:10.08 SB Simon Stone, 11th; 5:20.61 Nick Boggess, 15th; 5:41.52 SB Jordan Shackelford, 21st; 5:47.75 SB  Abel Kincaid, 24th
110 METER HURDLES: 17.17 Nate Christy, 1st; 18.51 Nathan Radich, 5th; 26.14 SB Nate Kissam,17th
300 METER HURDLES : 44.85 Nathan Radich, 5th; 1:01.36 SB Nate Kissam, 23rd
4X100 METER RELAY: 48.10 Relay Team, 4th - Cobey Faubus, Nate Christy, Jake Laurienti, Tristan Chavez
(Trenton Burton, Ethan Burton, Kyle Frohling, Colton Hanratty – 49.0)
4X200 METER RELAY: 1:42.23 Relay Team, 5th - Dante Traghella, Ethan Burton, Luka Leonards, Adam Crowl    4X400 METER RELAY: 3:53.08 Relay Team - 6th Jake Laurienti(56.5), Isaac Roberts(54.5), Jaiden Batts(60), Colton Hanratty(61.5)
(Adam Crowl(57.5), Colton Jonjak(54.5),Jackson Reeves(59.5), Kyle Frohling(62.5)- 3:55.8 – 8th)
HIGH JUMP: 5-8 SB Colton Jonjak-Plahn, 5th
LONG JUMP: 16-10 SB Tristan Chavez, 10th    ; 16-4.5 Jackson Reeves    15th; 16-0.5 SB Dante Traghella,17th
TRIPLE JUMP: 35-4.5 Tristan Chavez, 10th; 33-1.75; Logan Farner, 15th; 29-3.5 Zavery Boyd, 24th
POLE VAULT: 10-0    SB Jackson Reeves, 4th, 9-0 SB Chase Jonjak; 8th
DISCUS: 136-3 SB Kyle Frohling, 4th; 110-7 SB Colton Hanratty, 10th; 79-6 SB Karson Bean, 22nd; 67-10.5 SB Gavin Worland,28th
SHOT PUT: 36-2.5 SB Colton Hanratty, 10th; 35-0     Kyle Frohling, 14th; 30-6 SB Aaron Vasquez, 24th, 27-0.5 SB Karson Bean, 31st; 21-11.5 SB Gavin Worland, 33rd

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