Softball "Bash"-or

Rachel Bashor, daughter of Paul and Jodie Bashor and a 2012 graduate of Lyons High, is now attending McCook Community College in McCook, Nebraska where she plays for the softball team. As soon as Rachel’s softball coach heard about the flooding in her hometown he knew that they had to help out in some way. He asked the team who wanted to go and help out.

Every one of the girls, who did not have prior commitments, quickly volunteered to take the four and a half hour car trip to Lyons to lend a helping hand. Coach Greer feels that the team is a family, and he believes the girls on his team should prioritize family, school, and softball in that order.  So thirteen of Rachel’s teammates, two coaches, and one baseball player all made the trip over the weekend to Colorado to help out in anyway they could at Bashor Farms. Some of the tasks that “Team McCook under took were: to help clear old fence, clear debris, and build new fence to contain the cattle. The entire Bashor family would like to thank: Sam Ojeda, CA; Skye Buechner and Cora Buechner, CO; Megan Ruppurt, NE; Jessica Joppa, NE; Miranda Santiago, CA; Nala Villiamu, HI; Shelby Baertsch, CA; Shammie Alop, HI; Stephanie Johnson, CA; Amber Madigan, CO; Tyanna Macias, CA; Rachel Bashor, CO; Coach Ben Greer, OR; Coach Iris Woodhead, OR; and Chris Conroy, NE.

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