Free Concert For Lyons

Sounds of Lyons music festival founder and artistic director MinTze Wu has organized a special “Celebrating Lyons” concert to be held Saturday, October 12, at the First United

Methodist Church in Boulder (1421 Spruce Street). This will be an opportunity for the community to come together and share sorrow, loss, hope, and joy through music.


The concert will present all Lyons area musicians including, The Granias, Sounds of Lyons, KC Groves, Taarka, and many others who are stepping forward as the events gets organized. This concert will be free to all Lyons residents, and steps are being taken to also make it a fundraising opportunity for the Lyons Community Fund through a silent auction and/or other possibilities.


Wu, who with her family recently returned to the co-housing on Second Avenue near Bohn Park in Lyons, has a message for the Lyons community, “I hope you are all surviving this trying time! I'm astounded with the degree of destruction, but more than that how, our community has hung on strongly. There have been thoughts about coming together, and so many artists and musicians from our town want to step in to be part of this healing process. The entire town and its people have been affected; everyone knows someone that had lost a home, or had an arduous exodus out of the flood, or to the least, was displaced and scrambling to find temporal stability. The task of rebuilding our beloved town is daunting, but we thought music is a good place to start.”  


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