Bad Water & Pets

We have a confirmed report of a Lyons resident's dog acquiring a case of worms from the flood waters.

They took their dog for a walk through Lyons on Friday before evacuating. Sometime when they turned their backs for a moment the thristy fellow lapped up the bad water. Three days later the pet's stool contained worms. A trained eye isn't needed to stop the problem. Make a number of cross cuts through pet's stool with a stick take a stick to check it. The worms will wave at you. It is pretty gross. Be ready for the sight. You may also notice your pet's eating habits reduced or showing signs of a stomach ache.

If you find worms, your pet should be taken to a vet. Bring a sample of the stool. The doctor will run the sample through a process that let's them check for a range of water borne ills. The treatment is several days on medicine. That should be no lasting effects.

Because there is a several day gestation period, one should not assume that your pet is trouble free while you are riding our your time as an evacuee.