New Road To Lyons Valley Park

A meeting on the steps of the high school is where the plans for a new road began. UPDATE: see the bottom for photos of the new road in use.

 None of what you are about to read comes from an announcement by an official source. It is based on 5 direct observations by our reporters and it makes sense. We hope our readers will forgive us if we've gotten this wrong.

On Thursday, 9/12, Victoria Simonsen and Captain Parker held meeting on the steps of the high school after the first night of the flood. They advised the residents to stay calm and ride out the storm in a relatively safe environment. Present was a resident of County Road 69 or Bradford St. We don't know his name. He made a few quiet comments about repairs to his home area after waters subsided a little more. Victoria encouraged him.

On Friday afternoon, 9/13, one of our reporters observed this resident using his backhoe to make the repairs discussed. Later in the evening our reporter observed two trucks cross the ditch alongside Red Gulch Road and head toward the high school while doing some exploration before return to the road at the north end of Welch Court. We think it was a survey effort.

Much of Lyons is evacuated but for the residents of Lyons Valley Park that means hauling enough materials to last a week or more across the subdivision, through the dog park, over the irrigation ditch which has flooded areas below, down the Picture Rock Train with the flooded trailhead and then walk their way out of town.  Better wait for plan B.

Today 9/16, we observed several dump trucks and backhoes working County Road 69 and Bradford St. At least one of the backhoes was driven by a paid subcontractor of the relief effort.

Therefore, we believe officials are improving County Rd 69 and Bradford & building an extension around the Carroll Farm, around the practice field and into the the gap in Welch Court or along the north end of the school. The new road will allow access to Lyons Middle/Senior High School to open sooner than repair to either of the roadway washed out on 2nd St or McConnel Dr.

Please forgive us if we've errored and hold no official responsible for our reach here.

UPDATE: On Thursday, 9/19, we observed regular traffic on the new road as Lyons residents were allowed to visit their homes. We haven't anything from St. Vrain School District about utilizing this road.