2014 Mr. & Mrs Good Old Days

Thank you Lyons Flood Heroes!

We thank you for your bravery, compassion, and resilience during the September 2013 flood.
You make Lyons proud!

(Note readers: This list has been updated on July 3, 2014. The final detailed list, including every individual’s name will be printed in the September issue of the Lyons Recorder. All names will be included in the Historical Society’s September ceremony honoring them, and put in a permanent display.  Please continue to send in nominees, and include a short story as to what they did. Email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   To be interviewed for the Flood Project, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Andersons and Carrolls, Ann M Hall, Anne O’Brien, Ashley Mohr, Barney Dreistadt, Bob and Bob Jr. Triple, Brock Newton,  Catherine Cavender,  Chrystal DeCoster, Connie and Neil Sullivan, Connie Burton Burkhart,  Craig Ferguson, Crystal White, Dan Ballard,  Dan Siddall, David Hawkins, David Wechsler,  Debi Stevenson, Diane Richards,  Donna Compton, Ed Kean, Harry Kellogg, Jeremy Matsen, Joanne Barnard, John King,  Jonelle Tucker, Joycelyn Fankhouser, Kate Mazuy. Kathleen Spring, Lee Hall, Linda and Victor Pecone, Logan Watson, Lon Clark, Luis Gonzales, Mark and Pam Browning, Mike Whipp, Molly Morton, Monica McGuckin, Pastor Emily Flemming, Pastor Mickey Lohr, Peggy Story, Peter Watson, Priscilla Cohan, Raul Vasquez, Rebecca Louzan, Rick and Linda England, Robert Jones, Sally VanMeter, Sam and Mindy Tallent, Sharon Denton, Steve LaRue, Steve McCain, Tamara Vega Haddad, Tasha-Allyn and Matt Given.

And, all the citizens of the Greater Incorporated Lyons Area for their heroism, acts of kindness, generosity, and donations

Mayor Julie Van Domelen, Town Administrator Victoria Simonsen, and the 2013 Board of Trustees: Sandy Banta, Dan Greenberg, LaVern Johnson, Connie Sullivan, Kirk Uvodich, Dawn Weller; Lyons Housing Recovery Task Force

Lee Williams,   Sue Nichols-Painter,  Rick Henkle,  Jessica Bolgna, Cherry Company: Geri and Ted Plank, and the volunteers:  Maciek Kusnierz,  Richard Troiano, Dan and Kathleen Cundall, Marshall Prince, Jeff and Judy Campbell; Fire Department of Pinewood Springs, Steve Fitzgerald,Web Facebook: Laura Levy (and agency contact) And, all the helpful, kind and generous citizens of Pinewood Springs

The Big Elk Meadows Community wants to thank all the members of its town, including the Fire Department and Home Association staff. A lengthy list is being developed of all the help people gave and received during the flood.

e-Quilters of Boulder, Clark’s Hardware, Lumber Liquor, St. Vrain Market, Oskar Blues, Triple R Backhoe, Planet Bluegrass, Blue Mountain Stone, Riverbend Mobile Home Park, The Stone Cup, Reruns, Lyons Community Church;

J J Hoffman and Lyons Fire Protection District, Lyons Firefighters and 2013 Fire Board - Sheriff’s Officers-Sheriff Pelle, Sgt. Kevin Parker, Sgt. Nick Golfsberger, Sgt. Tommy Sloan, and others

Jeremy Matsen, Rebecca Louzan, Town of Lyons Volunteers; Curt Hencye, Calvary Relief Ministries; Lowell Koehn, Christian Disaster Relief (Mennonite Church); Edward Kean, Lyons Flood Clean-up & Reconstruction Coordinator

Victoria Simonsen-Town Manager, Deb Anthony-Town Clerk, Sara Snell-Utility Billing; Deborah Russell-Court, Tony Cavalier-Finance, Jacque Watson-Economic Development; Arianne Powell-Receptionist; Jeremy Matsen & Ed Kean-Volunteer Coordinator;  Sonya Wyppler-Building Permits; Betty Simpson & Margie McDonald & Tracy Sanders-Finance; Merlyn Williams-Director & Mary Ferraris-Library; Dave Cosgrove-Director, Marissa Davis, Lucas Ames & Mike Harris-Parks & Recreation, Donald Luntzford, Kyle Miller, Rusty Ribble, Steven Elsberry-PublicWorks

Lyons Elementary School:  Patrick Cullie, Jenny Abernathy, Kari Basey, Pam Browning, Gabry Cornell, Ruth Corwin, Tanya Daty, Tracey Eaton, Coco Gordon, Lynne Johann, Ellen Keane, Erin Maniscalco, Andrea Oetting, Ron Schuman, Heather Stansel, Sally Van Meter

Peter Watson, Kate Mazuy, Robert and Linda England

Merlyn Williams, Dir. Mark Browning, Barney Dreistadt, Carol Rufenach, Cat Weschler, Cathy Rivers, Chris Todd, Christina Wells, Chrystal DeCoster, Garima, Crystal White, Chuck Keim, Darci Sanders, Dodie Cavender, Emily Walker & Rolf, Fred Ferrraris, Jen Abernathy, Jeremy Matsen, Jim Kerr, John Echols, John King, Jolene Duncan, Kate Kerr, Kathleen Spring, Kitty Keim, Loretta Milburn, Lou Thackston, Manny Vasquez, Mary Ferraris, Merlyn Williams, Monica McGuckin, Mystie Brackett, Nancy Thorwardson, Pam Browning, Perky Hubner, Phoebe Dillon, Sara Neustadtl.

Lyons Community Foundation-Rebuild Lyons, Oskar Blues - CAN’d Aid Foundation , e-Quilters (Boulder), Lyons Community Church, Lyons Chamber of Commerce, Lyons Economic Development, and Multiple Fundraisers across Colorado and beyond

Lyons Recorder, Lyons Redstone Review, Facebook - Lyons Happenings, Linda Pecone, Facebook - Pinewood Springs Happenings, Laura Levy, and Facebook - Big Elk, Donna Compton

St. Vrain Valley School District, Lifebridge Church (Longmont), Boulder County, Boulder County Recovery, Joycelyn Fankhouser, Larimer County, Humane Societies (Longmont/ Boulder), The National Assn. of Realtors Relief Foundation, Boulder County Long Term flood Recovery, State of Colorado, Gov. Hickenlopper, Colorado Office of Emergency Management, Colorado Department of Local Affairs DOLA, Colorado Volunteer Agencies COVOAD, State Historic Fund, Emergency responders

FEMA, SBA, CDOT, National Guard, Salvation Army, Red Cross, Foothills United Way, Americorp, U. S. Army (helicopters), Team Rubicon, All Hands, and Multiple church-based groups  

This list was gathered by LaVern Johnson, and Kathleen Spring via local newspapers, volunteer organizations, social media, and word-of-mouth.


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