Report Potential Emergency Flood Hazards To 911

Lyons resident Larry Quinn, who lives along the banks of the South St. Vrain River, sent a “pointed” letter to the Boulder County Commissioners concerning the lack of debris removal along the river, and the potential it caused for downstream flooding during the spring run-off (see his Letter to the Editor). Quinn’s letter got a quick response from Boulder County Flood Recovery Manager Garry Sanfacon, who sent the following press release.

If you see a hazardous situation developing that may become an emergency call 911 and report it. A Sheriff’s deputy will respond and assess what type of action may need to be taken.
Apple Valley Update: Jeff Crane (working for the NRCS, Natural Resource Conservation Service) submitted the final design plans to the County today. The County will submit the bid package to our seven pre-qualified contractors this week and require a quick turnaround. Our hope is to have the work begin some time next week.

South St. Vrain Update: As part of a readiness review of the ability of South St. Vrain Creek to handle spring runoff following the flood of September 2013, and to more clearly identify potential FEMA supported flood mitigation “permanent work” projects, Boulder County Parks and Open Space has identified eleven flood related issues that should be considered for actionable projects. This description of issues can be made available upon request. One of these is in the “emergency work” category and the other ten are in the “permanent work” category. The “emergency work” described below is being processed through permitting for immediate implementation.

Emergency Work: Additional channel conveyance will be developed on the Creek in the “Hall Meadows” area beginning approximately 800’ downstream of the Hall Ranch public access road. The local channel block/drop will be removed to allow the stream to continue to naturally cut a one-foot lower channel moving upstream and to provide more conveyance past the block.  In addition, the entrance to a currently partly blocked side channel located approximately 50’ further downstream will be opened to provide another path for the water to follow as the rate of flow increases. This will involve the removal of less than one hundred cubic yards of material and some localized channel grading. The large rocks at this block will be rearranged and left in place as non-obstructing channel/habitat features. These temporary measures will also help reduce the erosive pressure on the right bank of the creek 100’ downstream at the county road edge.

Some of the other identified issues are being combined into “permanent work” projects for separate consideration for funding assistance that is available for public infrastructure restoration/protection (primarily roads and water control features). These projects will be implemented over the next six months to two years. The remaining issues that are not part of flood mitigation assistance programs will be considered for local funding separately, and may be implemented over a period of time that remains to be determined.

At this time we don’t have an exact date scheduled for this work. As soon as I do I will let you know. The goal is to complete all work by May 1.

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