Tie a Yellow Ribbon Lyons

Dear Lyons Community,
If you happen to notice yellow ribbons about the town of Lyons, they stand for remembrance of those who have yet to return to their homes here in town.  You might see them tied to the entrance to Riverbend and Foothills mobile home

parks, and (like the popular song from the 1970s), gracing the trees that stand in front of empty homes in the confluence, one of the most heavily damaged residential areas of our town.

Far beyond that sentimental pop music recording of 1973, tying a yellow ribbon often represents important themes of support, such as publicly supporting our military troops, remembering war casualties, or even symbolizing a new future.

There is one other use of the yellow ribbon in the USA that catches my attention: yellow ribbons as emblems of awareness and personal resolve to bring back home those who, at this point, cannot return to their beloved homes and families.

It has now been almost six months since the catastrophic flood hit Lyons, and still the physical and emotional reminders of homes lost to the flood and displaced Lyons residents remain fresh in our minds and hearts. Many of those homes belonged to families with children, musicians and artists, and elder residents who have called Lyons their home for generations. Many of those Lyons residents worked hard for, and took pride in home ownership.

One important thing that makes the town of Lyons a unique and treasured place to call home is Lyons’ social diversity.

The residents of the confluence area, Riverbend Mobile Home Park, and Foothills Mobile Home Park are a diverse and valuable part of our town. Many of them are raising their children here. They work in our local businesses, shop here, join organizations that volunteer for those in need, and provide cultural and entertainment services that a small town like Lyons greatly benefits from. They are elders with historical tales to share, bakers, shop owners, town volunteers, café and restaurant owners, taxpayers, child educators, firemen, and more. They are the backbone of a town like Lyons. They bring strong character, pride, and quality community spirit to Lyons. 

We all must remain steadfast in our goal to ensure that those who lost their homes to the flood will not be set adrift in terms of housing recovery. There are still many residents displaced due to the flood, living as far away as Firestone, Greeley, and Fort Collins. They want to come back to their home, to Lyons.

Housing recovery is a monumental task. As a community, we can achieve this by working together toward the same goal.  Riverbend resident, Bonnie Newman, who lost her mobile home to the flood, shares her feelings: “While fortunately 85% of our population has returned home and are living life essentially as normal, roughly 300 of our residents remain displaced. We cannot forget that our job is not complete and Lyons is not whole until everyone has been brought home.”

If you want to be a part of the yellow ribbon reminders of those who are not yet back into Lyons, you can pickup yellow ribbons at the following locations: Lyons ReRuns, the Barking Dog, the Stone Cup, and the Fourmile Store. You can place your ribbons on your own property, or you can join with friends and neighbors to place them on their property to keep this message front and center. There is a Facebook page.

Please show your support for the ribbons. The ribbons show that you do care, that you do want these Lyons families to be able to return. When you see a yellow ribbon in town, take a minute to remember these good people, these families, and these elders, and join in a town wide effort to bring them all back to Lyons. We cannot afford to lose the elemental diversity of this beautiful town we all call home.

Sally Van Meter, Lyons


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