Where do I enroll for unemployment?

Where do I enroll for unemployment?


Some updates regarding unemployment:

  • Anyone who is out of work because of the disaster should apply for unemployment as soon as possible.  If you go in person to the Disaster Center at Twin Peaks Mall there are reps there that can help, and it will also be possible to back date the claim so they can recoup money for this past week if they did not file right away.  If they go online to register, they will have already lost almost 2 weeks worth of benefits.
  • Unemployment Disaster Benefits will likely begin enrolling on Monday (official press release to come).  This applies to small business owners or the self-employed who may not be eligible for regular unemployment benefits.   This money also tends to be available more quickly than regular unemployment benefits.  The rep at Twin Peaks today said that they will take names for those eligible for this benefit starting tomorrow and contact folks once the program officially begins on Monday.

It is important for employees who live outside of flood areas to make it clear when they go to Twin Peaks that they are just there for unemployment.  Right now, everyone is shuttled to FEMA and if they are not residents of a flooded area, they do not need to register with FEMA.  So, if you have employees who live in Boulder or Longmont and were not impacted by flooding in any way, make sure they do not end up routed to FEMA, etc.

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