Access Passes For Business Owners

The Chamber Of Commerce has spoken with relief officials regarding passes for Lyons business owners.

Business owners can enter Lyons as much as once per day for the purpose of restoring their business to operating condition. Business owners must go to the Lightbridge Church to get a pass. Passes will be granted to those with a business license in Lyons. Access will be organized for specific areas of town and for specific times of day. These restrictions will be enforced because Lyons is still a dangerous place to be. Relief officials are tracking each entry and exist by all pass holders so they can be sure that all who enter, depart safely.

Some latitude may be given to business owners without Lyons business licences. We don't have the details for that process. Flexibility in the time and duration of your stay will help your chances of gaining access. Officials know you need to take steps to ensure your business comes through this storm in good shape. But are trying to balance the workload of their staff needed to make sure all enter and exit safely. And they are trying to maintain the high pace of construction that has been documented elsewhere at the Lyons Recorder.