Rumors Debunked & Things That Didn't Happen.

It was rumored that Button Rock Dam would give way.

In considerable fear, some residents camped out on surrounding hills to avoid the risk of a mid-night siren and sprint to high ground. Button Rock is a modern dam built to fill to capacity and spill excess water over its spillway. It has performed as expected. Officials consider it very low risk.

It was rumored that The Fork was destroyed. It is built of redstone. The building is fine although we can't speak for the interior.

It was rumored that Main St. retail area was all flooded and the new sidewalks and planters destroyed. None of this is true. The sidewalks are still clean with the exception of the area near St. Vrain Market. The Lyons Mercantile has scarf hanging inside its front door. It is dry.

Teenagers feared the loss of Lyons Pinball. No high water reached it from exterior appearances. Oskar Blues was not swamped and did not loose any beer.

The grass in Sandstone park is still standing straight up. The U.S. Post Office is dry.

The many red stone cliffs around town have not collapsed. We've heard reports of boulders coming loose in the canyons but none in town where a rock slide could have torn through a home.

On Old South St. Vrain, a yellow home was surrounded on all sides by roaring river with depths above 6 feet. The house was built on small piece of higher ground surrounded by trees that provided enough protection. The residents experienced a nervous night while rescue crew monitor water levels.

It was rumored that the U-Pump-It was destroyed. Again, a groundless rumor regarding a small cement building.