JJ Booksh-Asnicar, Licensed Massage Therapist
Massage Therapy – Reiki

How do you describe your business?
I serve residents, and some visitors, with all types of massage needs, from prenatal, post-partum, and infant massage to athletes, performing artists, and the elderly.

How did you get started in Lyons?
Originally, I am from the little town of Maringouin, Louisiana, which is slightly smaller than Lyons. I grew up knowing everyone in town and came to value that character

in a tight-knit community. I started my massage and reiki business in Boulder in 1998, but the city always felt too big. A network of friends lured me to Lyons four years later and we made the move for that small-town vibe I love. Within 48 hours of arriving here, I was opening up as part of a co-op health and wellness space at 430 Main Street, currently Pizza Bar 66. Eventually, my business found a home above Steamboat Mountain Foods and I’ve been here for the past 12 years.

Aha moment that keeps you here?
After the 2013 flood, I was at the grand opening celebration of LaVern Johnson Park and I saw kids running around everywhere. As I chatted with their parents, I realized I’d known many of the next generation of Lyons residents since they were babies through my prenatal and infant massage services. I felt a multi-generational connection to this town and our neighbors and I love it here.

Are you feeling the Lyons VIBE?
Yes! Definitely. I truly feel connected to our community and believe Lyons is a destination for good food, an authentic, local vibe, and playing in awesome mountains and rivers. I’ve served in various leadership roles with the Chamber of Commerce and love to support other local businesses.

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