Stone Mountain Lodge Social Recap
Thanks to all who attended the Social at Stone Mountain Lodge on Tuesday (and thanks to Stone Mountain Lodge for hosting!).

The Lyons Regional Library gave an update on their progress (groundbreaking on the new site could happen in September), and N8 Communications, whom the Chamber has hired to do tourism marketing (as part of the grant from the State of Colorado), showed prototypes of some of the concepts they are working on for us.

We’re planning to do the next Social at Western Stars Gallery and The Quarry on Thursday, June 14th. All members are welcome.

Cartoon Tourist Maps
In case you missed the emails: We’re bringing back the animated tourist maps that were last done in Lyons around 2006. Getting on the map, so to speak, normally costs around $300, but we’re making it a benefit of Chamber membership--there’s no additional cost if you’re a Chamber member. We just need to take some photos of your storefront (if applicable), get copies of any logos or marketing material your business might like to see on the map, get wording for the business directory, and so on. Simply respond to this email to set it up!

Chamber Member Goings-On
Stillwater Healing Arts Clinic is introducing a Community Supported Herbalism program.

Denver’s 9News featured WeeCasa Tiny House Resort in a recent segment.

Stone Mountain Lodge will host its inaugural Father’s Day Brunch on Sunday, June 17th. Featuring Monocle Band, yard games, and more. Twenty five percent of the proceeds will benefit Lyons Community Foundation. Tickets available here.

Got something going on? Let us know, and we’ll include it (or a link to it, anyway)!

Mike Porter,  Lyons Area Chamber of Commerce Administer
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