Sally from Gatherings of a Lifetime:

What I love about doing business in town is meeting people that are here to have fun
from all over the world!



Free Gifts For Visitors To Your Business - More On The Way
We've run out of the "Love, Lyons" pens, postcards, and marker boards to give away to Chamber members' guests and clients. But worry not! More have been ordered. Let us know if you need more of these very popular items, and we'll put you on the list.

Love, Lyons
And speaking of "Love, Lyons," have you seen the new marketing campaign? See for a glimpse of it. Advertising will start to appear regionally in the coming weeks. It's all part of your Chamber putting tourism grant



Tuesday Night's Social At The Museum

Thanks to all who attended tonight's Social (including a special appearance by the mayor and entire Board of Trustees!) at the Lyons Redstone Museum. Special welcome to brand new and new-ish Chamber members: River Cliff Realty, Sailor 66 (Peter Baumgartner's new venture/adventure), and Scope Accounting.

Gifts For Visitors And Free Marketing Material For Your Business
Those who attended the Social know: We've got stuff to give away to your guests, customers, and clients. Pens, postcards, and marker boards, all part of the "Love, Lyons" marketing campaign, which we invite you to participate in. But there's a lot more to this campaign than just free gifts. We have marketing materials you can use for your own promotions. If we don't visit your business by the end of the week, drop us a line and we'll bring you some stuff to give away.  Contact Mike Porter at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



Going for Green in Lyons

By Kathleen Thurmes
Nestled in an unassuming strip mall on the northern edge of the bustling 29th Street Mall in Boulder is a small-but-expanding shop dedicated to serving two types of people that Boulder County seems to be teeming with: recyclers and artists. Part thrift store, part craft shop, and part art gallery, the Art Parts Creative Reuse Center serves as a bridge between these two mainstays of local culture.

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