In this collection of masterpieces from 14 cherished female painters and sculptors, Linda L. Osmundson celebrates the accomplishments of female artists and the beauty of the American West. Despite social norms that belittled women’s talents, these intrepid ladies mastered traditional still life, portrait, and landscape techniques and pioneered new art forms that garnered high praise. Selections included here are pulled from Georgia O’Keeffe’s stunning paintings, Sally James Farnham’s realistic bronzes, Grace Carpenter Hudson’s luminous oil paintings of Pomo Indians, and Edith Hamlin’s wall murals of the Pueblo people.

Each featured artist is presented along with questions designed to stimulate conversation and understanding of the artwork. The entries also include insights into the artist’s life, work habits, and creative methods. Aspiring young painters, sculptors, and art enthusiasts will marvel at the magnificent oil paintings, watercolors, and sculptures while learning about different technical, historical, and cultural elements of art. Aficionados of the American West will enjoy seeing their favorite region captured in this unique perspective and style.