I'll never look at art the same way again.
Janea Williams
Dallas, Texas
My eyes were thrilled with what they saw today.
Third grader at Edmondson Elementary
Loveland, Colorado
The HOW THE WEST WAS DRAWN series fills a void in the fine arts and social studies curriculum which exists in many schools!! These books should be in EVERY school.
Paula Rossino
retired principal and principal coach
Chicago, Illinois
"How the West Was Drawn" uses kid-friendly questions about Charles Russell's art work to guide young readers back to the time when the cowboy was king. Learning history was never such fun!
Ellen Javernick
Garfield Elementary
Loveland, Colorado
With engaging interactive questions, Linda Osmundson not only teaches about the life and art of Charles Russell, but provides tools that readers can use in future art “investigations.” The success of this book hinges upon these accessible yet provocative lists of questions that bring the artist to life and offer a sense of accomplishment that encourages a love of art and learning.
Maureen Corey
Curator of Art
Loveland Museum/Gallery
Linda Osmundson brings the old west alive in How the West Was Drawn. Every student and adult who reads this interactive book will immediately want to paint their own stories. Yee-haw to Linda and Russell!
Debbie Dadey
author, former librarian and elementary teacher
Furlong, PA


$400 a day plus travel and accommodation expenses. A day includes four presentations (no more than 2 classrooms each) and book signing. Books for an author visit can be ordered from Pelican Publishing at a 40% discount or purchased from the author for $16.


Program includes PowerPoint looking at the art, playing some games, trying on props, and book signing. Honorarium  - $100 a program.


Classroom Art Games - Teachers learn how to look, see, enjoy, react, appreciate, and interact with art objects in a classroom environment. Activities carry over into other curriculum subjects. 1 hour


  • Charles M. Russell - An interactive PowerPoint presentation for HOW THE WEST WAS DRAWN: COWBOY CHARLIE'S ART, which delves into the life and art of Charles Russell's art geared for every learning level. Using book images, students discover where Charlie's art appeared, what he used for canvas, hidden creatures, and a painting that reads almost like a comic strip. 45 minutes
  • Art Games - Students learn to see art then take away tools to help them look at other works of art in a museum setting. 45 minutes
  • Frederic Remington - An interactive PowerPoint presentation for HOW THE WEST WAS DRAWN: FREDERIC REMINGTON'S ART, which delves into the life and art of the artists geared for every learning level including adults. Using book images, students discover where Remington's art appeared; how he made bronze sculptures; and more.
  • The Road to Publication: How to write a book and get it published.
  • Write a Book Like Mine workshop - students bring favorite art prints, develop looking questions, and make a classroom book.


  • Looking at Art - an interactive PowerPoint presentation using HOW THE WEST WAS DRAWN series. Learn how to look, interact, enjoy, appreciate and share art with children.
  • The Road to Publication - The path Linda took to see her first book published at the age of 72.
  • Passing on Your Personal Stories - insights into writing your memoir in a manner your children and grandchildren will enjoy reading.
  • Women's Art - looking a women's art, past and present. Anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours.